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Five of the Smallest Single Engine Planes

Posted on September 26, 2015 in Single Engine Planes

There are different types of planes available at the airport. The ones that you can easily lay your hands are the single engine planes. Over the years, various types of single engine planes were produced. The capacity and design of these small engine planes vary. While many of them were sustained and went through different modification series, others have fizzled out and that is because they could not be sustained. Identifying the smallest single engine planes available in the world today may be difficult because there are various brands available. Here are some of the smallest single engine planes:

ABC Robin

This is one of the first small single engine planes ever produced. It was manufactured in the UK, and was designed to be a single seat and very light aircraft. A.A Fletcher designed the monoplane in 1929. Some of its features include single seat, high wing. It has a cockpit that was fully enclosed. It was designed on request and was primarily composed of wood. The aircraft is no more in existence. The Royal Air force once used the plane before it was scrapped. Many of the monoplanes available today take inspiration from the design and engine size.

Aero Boero 260 AG

This is another small engine plane. The plane, which was manufactured in Argentina, first flew around the year 1973. The plane was similar to Aero Boero AB 260. You can hardly differentiate between the two in terms of their appearance. There are differences between them in terms of capacity. It was designed to be a low wing monoplane, and fitted with a single seat, as well as a trail wheel undercarriage. The project was started in 1971 and the first plane released in 1973. Owing to some problems, it was discontinued only to be resumed in the 1990s.

Blackcountry Super Cubs Mackey SQ2

This is another small single engine plane. This is an American STOL mono engine plane. It was of the amateur built planes in America. As the name suggests that plane was produced and designed by Blackcountry super cubs in Wyoming State. There is hardly any difference between the plane and the Piper PA 18 Super Cub. The plane was considered as an amateur design, as it was supplied as an amateur kit.

Baldwin Red Devil

This small engine plane was named after its designer Baldwin Thomas. The small engine aircraft was popular that it has gone through several modifications over the years. Materials used for its constructions consisted of steel tube materials. The plane was designed as part of airship. It was one of the pioneer planes designed for ships across the globe. The plane may look similar to Curtis Pusher, but there are differences between them.

Amax Eagle

It is another small engine plane manufactured from Australia in the 1990s. It was meant purely for autogyro purpose. The aircraft was supplied as a kit before it went out of production. Some of its features include single seat, main rotor, tricycle landing gear, single ignition automotive engine. It was one of the smallest single engine planes that were produced.

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